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Total Quote Clarity

Greater quote transparency…guaranteed

GV Security Fencing prides itself on presenting the most detailed and user-friendly quotations in the fencing industry. We believe that a greater level of detail means our customers are able to have total confidence in the accuracy of the products we are quoting.

Only then can our clients genuinely know they are comparing apples with apples when evaluating their quotations. During our time in the industry we’ve seen all too many examples of false economies where inferior and often inappropriate product are selected, invariably on the basis of price alone.┬áIf a price seems too good to be true – it probably is – or the product is not going to last the distance.

As outlined in our GV Security Total Project Warranty we will never quote a product of inferior quality, or a product that is not the best fit for your purpose.

How our quotes work:

Quotation Summary
The Quotation Summary provides a detailed itemised listing of all products included in the quote, including any Special Notes relating to any product, or the project as a whole.

Where multiple product options are provided, a detailed explanation of the differences in product specification and cost will be provided, and recommendations will be given for the most appropriate solution based on all factors.

Reference Materials
Additional supporting product specification detail will also be attached as Reference Materials where appropriate.