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358 Welded Mesh

358 Welded Mesh

358 Welded Mesh High Security Fencing

GV Security Fencing offers a range of welded mesh security fencing products that are highly attractive, functionally robust and seriously secure. It is popular across a wide range of applications thanks to its excellent strength and intrusion resistant anti-climb properties, as well as offering high visibility that is ideal for CCTV video surveillance.

Superior Design for Optimum Performance

358 welded mesh high security fencing is an outstanding deterrent to intruders, thanks to its superior design and inherent anti-climb properties. It delivers considerable strength, while retaining the ability to see through the product for effective visibility.

The unique design offers outstanding rigidity and low wind resistance, making it ideal to use with electronic detection systems and alarms. 358 welded mesh is the perfect product for anyone unwilling to compromise on performance, looks and security.

Outstanding Versatility

358 welded mesh high security fencing is ideal for everything from high-security installations through to high-end architectural applications thanks to its style, strength, and superior anti-climb properties.

The product is also ideal for gates
and other applications where
visibility is required.

Ideal applications

  • Architectural: Stairwell enclosures, pedestrian bridge screens, protective screens, window protection
  • Retail: Shopping centres, carpark buildings
  • Correctional Facilities: Prisons, youth justice centres
  • Animal Enclosures: Zoos, dog pounds
  • Utilities: Power sub-stations, water treatment facilities
  • Educational Facilities: Schools, university campuses
  • Restricted Areas: Airports, ports, railway stabling yards, goods delivery areas, motorway security, bridge security, machinery yards
  • Recreational: Sports grounds, community centres
  • Commercial: Perimeters that require a high security boundary fence

Safety guards & barriers

GV Security Fencing also supplies customised public and workplace safety guards and barriers to provide duty of care and meet occupational health & safety requirements.

Ideal applications

  • Platforms
  • Pathways
  • Sports grounds
  • Height platforms
  • Elevated work areas
  • Machinery guards
  • Window guards
  • Electricity substations