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TigerTape Razorwire


TigerTape™ Barbed Security Tape

TigerTape™ Barbed Security Tape is Australian designed and manufactured and is offered in a continuous strip that’s available in both short barb for commercial and high security applications and long barb for correctional centres. GV Security Fencing predominantly uses TigerTape™ short barb razorwire, but we can arrange TigerTape™ long bar razorwire as required.

TigerTape™ Short Barb

TigerTape™ Short Barb razorwire is made of continuous galvanized strip with four barbs cold clenched around a high tensile spring steel core wire.

The barbs prevent any hand hold and grip onto any form of clothing. The core wire helps make the TigerTape™ difficult to cut & ensures long life.

Diameters available:

  • TigerTape™ Single: 470 & 760mm
  • TigerTape™ Concertina: 550, 760 & 980mm
  • TigerTape™ Flat: 470, 550 & 760mm

Ideal applications for short barb

  • Commercial
  • Rail
  • Utility
  • Mining
  • Anywhere additional scaling deterrence is required

TigerTape™ Long Barb

TigerTape™ Long Barb razorwire is manufactured in a continuous stainless strip steel and hardened to withstand the harshest climatic conditions. The strip is cold clenched around a high tensile spring steel core wire.

TigerTape™ Long Barb razorwire is designed specifically for correctional facilities to present absolute maximum security.

Diameters available:
630, 760, 900, 1300 & 1500mm.

Ideal applications for long barb

  • Maximum security fence
  • A ground barrier
  • A fence topping
  • On roof-tops
  • On walls

Multiple configurations, maximum security

Depending on your security requirements, you can choose from a range of configurations. Long Barb and Short Barb are both available in TigerTape™ Single, and Short Barb is also available in TigerTape™ Concertina and TigerTape™ Flat formations.

All configurations are available in a choice of coil diameters to suit any application.

TigerTape™ Single is machine formed as a continuous helical coil. The individual loops are strung out like a spring & tied at regular intervals to a fence or wall.

TigerTape™ Concertina is formed by clipping loops of single coil to one another at regular points. When extended this forms a cylindrical pattern & limits the extension of the coil giving integral strength & eliminating the need for support cables.

TigerTape™ Flat is supplied as individual clipped loops suitable for attaching directly to fence tops parallel to the fence line. Suitable for situations where no overhang into adjoining properties or where a neat flat appearance is required.

The Ultimate in Barbed Security

TigerTape™ Barbed Security Tape is the ultimate intruder deterrent, thanks to its superior design and galvanised steel composition. Effective as both a visual and physical deterrent, TigerTape™ will provide maximum protection against unlawful entry.

Because TigerTape™ is manufactured in Australia we’re able to ensure the highest levels of quality – a guarantee that can’t always be achieved with inferior imported product.

Suited to all high security applications, TigerTape™ Barbed Security Tape is the ultimate in perimeter protection.