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Wire Products

Wire Products

Wire Products

GV Security Fencing offers a range of high quality wire products to meet most fencing applications, including high tensile (HT) wire, barbed wire and high quality wire ties.  Talk to us today about your specific requirements and we will provide you with a range of options.

High Tensile Wire

High-tensile fencing wire is aesthetically pleasing, stronger than many other conventional fencing products, and it’s virtually maintenance free. It is also an excellent deterrent to intruders when electrified.

A high-tensile wire fence is usually more secure, looks neater and lasts longer, with less maintenance than either barbed wire or woven wire fence.

GV Security Fencing offers High Tensile 2.0mm wire in 50kg coils and 2.5mm High Tensile Galvanised Wire in 25kg coils.

Ideal applications for HT wire

  • Security fencing
  • Heavy duty electric fencing
  • Industrial fencing
  • Coastal fencing
  • Residential fencing
  • Brace wires in end assemblies
  • Conventional pipe and mesh fencing
  • Farm fencing
  • Line wire

Barbed Wire

GV Security Fencing uses high quality 1.7mm High Tensile Barbed Wire on projects that require added levels of security.

Perfect as an addition to any standard fence, barbed wire is an effective deterrent to unwanted intruders.

Ideal Applications for Barbed Wire

  • Farm fencing
  • Security
  • Storage facilities
  • Stock yards
  • School grounds
  • Sports facilities
  • Motorway access points
  • Power substations

Wire Ties

GV Security Fencing uses a range of high quality wire ties to ensure the best possible finish on your fencing projects:

  • 150mm Wire Ties 1.6mm galv x 500 per bundle
  • 200mm Wire Ties 1.6mm galv x 500 per bundle
  • 230mm Wire Ties 1.6mm galv x 500 per bundle
  • 250mm Wire Ties 1.6mm galv x 500 per bundle
  • 300mm Wire Ties 1.6mm galv x 500 per bundle