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Quotation Standard Terms & Conditions

1. Our pricing excludes the following items, unless otherwise noted: 
> Underground detection of services beyond DBYD
> Clearing or leveling of fence line beyond basic requirements
> Temporary security measures (temporary fencing, security guards etc) 
> Non-destructive digging or hydro-excavation
> Engineering or As-Built drawings
> Surveying or pegging of fence-line
> Geotech reports
> Work Permits
> Hand excavation
> Concrete pumping or cutting
> Rock drilling
> Safety observers or barriers
> Traffic management
> Earthing or isolation
> Automation of gates 
> Security system installations (including cable ducts, Perimeter Intruder Detection etc) 
> Site or client specific allowances
> Craneage or other restricted-access machinery (knucklebooms, Athena Lifts etc). 
> Dewatering

2. All excavated spoil is to remain on site. Spoil removal can be provided at additional cost. It is the client’s responsibility to provide GVSF with soil testing to certify clean fill prior to commencement of spoil removal.

3. In circumstances where extreme rock is encountered or where a rock-breaker attachment is required, additional charges will be incurred for removal of rock. Where large or specialized machinery is required, additional hire charges will be incurred. Backfilling charges will also apply where rock leaves significant voids to be filled. 

4. Pricing is based on a level site with good access for both personnel and vehicles, including concrete truck, to all areas.

5. GVSF does not take responsibility for damage to underground services. 

6. Unexpected delays beyond GVSF’s control will incur demobilization and remobilization charges. 

7. Price is subject to site inspection before commencement of works. 

8. Client is to supply appropriate site amenities.

9. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and it’s significant economic impact and the volatility of steel pricing, this quotation is subject to a rise and fall condition, where increases in material costs will be passed onto the client.